deepen the fan experience. No app needed.

Digital Seat was created with teams and sponsors in mind. With every tag programmed down to the individual seat level, our platform allows you to create a 1-to-1 relationship with your fans on a real-time basis. Our network also provides teams sponsors better data about consumers and their behaviors in order to build deeper, more meaningful relationships. 

We believe the key to relevant consumer engagement begins by enhancing the user experience by delivering brand-relevant content…

To the right person.

In the right place.

At the right time.




Through our proprietary fan engagement platform, we allow brands and teams to provide real-time updates and offers to their target fan base without the use of an app.

In addition to the Digital Seat platform being available on any device, without the use of an app, our network allows teams and sponsors to offer individualized mobile content down to the seat level! Gone are the days of having to broadcast your message to the entire stadium with no ROI. With Digital Seat you have the ability to target only the fans that you want!

Fast Facts:

  •  74% of US residents download one app or less per month 
  •  65% of US residents do not download a single app per month K
  •  79% of users spend all of their time between only 3 apps 
  •  20% of fans have their favorite NFL team mobile app installed

See how it works

The new fan experience

Stop making your fans search through the endless app store in order to engage with your team or artist.

With the Digital Seat platform you can give every fan inside the venue the ability to engage with their favorite team or artist in real-time, regardless of their mobile phone brand and without having to download an app.  Our network allows fans to:

Watch instant replay content

Check scores and stats 

View a virtual map of the venue

Enter contest or promotions

View multiple camera angles in real-time

View upcoming events

Download sponsor offers to mobile wallet 

Download a “digital fan card” of their favorite team player



Digital Seat offers access to a previously untapped advertising market all while providing real-time results on your campaign. We allow teams and sponsors to view their campaign results within their custom Digital Seat Campaign Portal. Our proprietary platform allows you to see the overall reach of your campaign, including total number of users, number of engagements and number of conversions. Quit wasting money on “phantom clicks” and drive efficiency, effectiveness and ROI for every dollar you spend.


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