Untapped Potential.

Digital Seat allows brands to capitalize on the untapped market of location based advertising.  This market provides a captive, engaging audience that allows you the opportunity to connect with your target demographic in exciting new ways.

Captivating Content.

The Digital Seat network allows brands multiple ways to reach their target customer through compelling and engaging content. We have the ability to deliver real-time promotional offers, lead collection, geofenced digital coupons, app downloads and more!

Stay Connected.

Digital Seat offers brands a new way to stay connected to their customer without the use of an app. Through our proprietary sponsorship platform, brands can use geofencing technology to update customers on new offers, remind them to use their digital coupon in-store or to simply stay in touch!

a new way to connect.

1. User scans the Digital Seat tag


User scans the Digital Seat interactive tag using their mobile device and is sent to the sponsor engagement page. The best part is that Digital Seat works on both Apple and Android devices without having to download an app!

2. Passenger is shown relevant content


The  Digital Seat offer page features exclusive, real-time offers and promotions that users can download directly to their mobile wallet. 

3. Instant mobile offer downloads


Not only can users access exclusive sponsor offers, but these offers can be downloaded directly to their mobile wallet! In addition to downloading offers to their mobile wallet, users can perform other tasks such as visiting a sponsors webpage, downloading a sponsors mobile app, entering giveaway contests, and more!

4. Continue the conversation


In addition, the Digital Seat platform allows sponsors to continue the conversation with passengers even after they have left the rideshare vehicle using geofencing technology. If Jane downloads a coupon for her favorite fast food restaurant from the Digital Seat rideshare network, our system will remind her to use her coupon whenever she is within close proximity of the restaurant!


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