Most frequent questions and answers

Digital Seat combines multiple technologies, Google cloud API, NFC, QR codes, and Snapcodes, into one platform that can be updated in real-time. All of the user interaction on the Digital Seat platform is accomplished without the need to download an app to their mobile device. With the latest model of Iphones released, and the latest version of Apple IOS, Iphone users can now open their camera, aim at a Digital Seat tag and interact with the content. Also, since every one of our tags is uniquely programmed, we have the ability to provide custom content all the way down to the seat level vs the traditional method of providing the same content to every fan inside of a venue.

Through the use of Progressive Web Applications, the Digital Seat platform is able to offer real-time content at lightning fast speeds. We do not use bulky code that bloats page loads and bandwidth, which allows us to get the user what really matters, the content, in extremely low network environments.

When a Digital Seat tag is scanned by a user various pieces of data are collected such as:


• Number of total engagements
• Timestamp of user interaction
• User information input (Only if given by customer)
• Collected survey data
• Coupon redemption rates
• Device type
• Loyalty/Coupon download rates

At Digital Seat we believe that data is a privilege. Our goal is to offer people who use our platform a fun and useful experience without having to wonder if we are collecting and selling all of their personal data. We hate annoying spam calls and emails as much as you do, which is why Digital Seat will not sell your data to any 3rd party marketing services. We will share analytics with our sponsor partners so that they can see if people were interested in their offers or promotions, but we will make sure that is clear before you engage with them on our platform. Our primary goal is to make sure you love using our platform and to earn your trust as you do it.