Meet the Team

Meet the Team | Digital Seat Media

Cameron Fowler 


10 yrs. information architecture and platform design; @intel, integrated facial recognition software into CMS; @GM, developed lead gen data system for dealers; @Belk, built & installed interactive jewelry kiosks w/real-time assist tech; @Mary Kay, event management platform; @Reebok, Superbowl’s “Build your own Zig” interactive platform; @Lever, Axe Body spray facial recognition end cap development

Matt Sullivan


25 yrs. tech industry experience including interactive application and project development; @Dell, Sr. Developer, corporate website operations; @Freescale, product demo tool development; @AMD, procedure and demo tool design; @Intel, digital signage app w/retail API functionality.

Kirk Lockhart


25 yrs. development experience, with a focus on JavaScript, cloud tech and API integrations in AWS and node.js, @Wayport Tech (now ATT), web app development and services, database and back end processing; @World’s Greatest Videos API for user interactive systems, admin, workflow, authentication and database admin.