1. Passenger scans the Digital Seat window decal


Rideshare passenger scans the Digital Seat tag window decal using their mobile device and is sent to their local sponsor engagement page. The best part is that Digital Seat works on both Apple and Android devices without having to download an app!

2. Passenger is shown relevant content


The local Digital Seat offer page features exclusive, real-time offers and promotions that riders can download directly to their mobile wallet. These offers are localized, so that the content shown to every passenger pertains to their current geographic location.

3. Instant mobile offer downloads


Not only can passengers access exclusive local offers, but these offers can be downloaded directly to their mobile wallet! In addition to downloading offers to their mobile wallet, users can perform other tasks such as visiting a sponsors webpage, downloading a sponsors mobile app, entering giveaway contests, and more!

4. Continue the conversation


In addition, the Digital Seat platform allows sponsors to continue the conversation with passengers even after they have left the rideshare vehicle using geofencing technology. If Jane downloads a coupon for her favorite fast food restaurant from the Digital Seat rideshare network, our system will remind her to use her coupon whenever she is within close proximity of the restaurant.


 Which cities can I find Digital Seat?

At the moment, Digital Seat is only located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, but we are expanding fast! Visit the "driver sign up" page to request that Digital Seat expand to your city next!

How much will I get paid as a Digital Seat driver? 

Keeping our drivers happy is a top priority for Digital Seat.  Meaning, drivers are paid a monthly base fee in addition to having the opportunity to earn bonuses each month. During our beta test-each driver will qualify for the following driver payouts:


25 scans = 2 Texas Rangers baseball tickets

50 scans= $50 Visa gift card

100 scans= $20 gift card to 7-Eleven

150 scans= Choice of dashcam or oil change

We will also be offering perks like sports tickets, gift cards, concert tickets, etc, periodically to drivers on our network. Like we said before, keeping drivers happy while being as transparent as possible is what we believe in! We will be announcing the final bonus structure after our beta test is completed in DFW and Nashville.

Are there bulky tablets that I have to install?  

Nope! Since Digital Seat is a mobile-first advertising network there is no bulky tablets or hardware to install. All that is required by the driver is to place our 2x2 window decals on passenger windows, it's that simple. Installation can be completed in under 2 minutes. NO TABLETS. NO CHARGING. NO TECH SUPPORT CALLS.  

How and when do I get paid?
We pay on the 1st of the month.  We will mail checks, sports tickets, gift cards, or allow you to pick them up at our Fort Worth Office. 

If you opt to pick up your check - you can pick it up the last day of the month, but it must be picked up by NOON on the 1st. If your check is not picked up by NOON on the 1st, we will mail it to the address you provided upon registration. 

In addition to payment by check, our goal is to offer direct deposit to our drivers within the next few months!

Will the window decal damage my car?
No, we have diligently tested the stickers to ensure you can remove them with no damage to your vehicle.

What should I tell riders about Digital Seat window decals?
Tell passengers with iPhones to open their camera or Snapchat app to scan the QR code on the window decal! Android users can either use Snapchat or if they have a QR code scanner on their phone, they can use that as well. Also, feel free to talk to them about the current offers and promotions Digital Seat is currently offering. You should also tell them that the offers are updated every week so to be sure to check back in when they ride with Uber or Lyft again.

Do I have to put the window decal on my window, or can I put it anywhere that is visible?
We prefer the tag be placed on the window, since this is what it was designed for! But if you feel more comfortable placing it elsewhere in your car, that is easily visible for your riders, you can certainly do so.

How do you track how many scans each driver receives?

Our software platform records every time a Digital Seat window decal is scanned inside of a vehicle. We are also able to identify if it is a unique scan or the same device scanning the tag multiple times.

Can drivers scan the window decals in their vehicles?

Drivers are more than welcome to scan their Digital Seat window decals once a day to see any updated content. However, our software will be able to identify if the same user is scanning the decal multiple times, and excessive scans will not be counted towards monthly bonuses.

How can I track the number of scans I have?
You can always access the Driver Dashboard to view your current number of rider scans, as well as your account information!

What is a unique qualified scan?  

A unique scan is when a rider's mobile device scans your Digital Seat window decal for the first time in any given month. It is perfectly okay to have the same user scan a decal multiple times in the same month. However, it will only count as one user towards your total scan count. Once a new month begins all users will be treated as new users. What we are trying to avoid is having the same user scan the window decal 10,000 times over and over just to meet their scan quota. Lets keep things fair :-)

What do I do if I need a replacement window decal?
We provide you with two replacement decals in your starter package! If for any reason you need additional, please email us at

How do you know I properly installed the window decal in my vehicle?
We attach a detailed instruction sheet.

What if my trip takes me outside of my normal driving area?
Still encourage riders to scan the window decals! We offer giveaways and more.

What happens if I take the window decals out of my car?
If we notice no activity on the window decals, we will contact you to see if you are still interested in being a member of the Digital Seat Rideshare Network.

How do I contact you if I have questions?
Please email us at – please include your Driver ID

Do you have referral bonuses?
Yes! We currently offer referral bonuses to select driver partners. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a referral partner.

What should I do if a rider cannot scan the window decal?

Please email us at – so we can immediately fix the issue!

What is next for Digital Seat?  

Digital Seat window decals with QR and Snapcodes are only the first step in our rideshare platform. We have a second generation of our decals which will allow riders to simply place their phones near our decals in order to view real-time relevant content.

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