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A New Way To Connect


Digital Seat™ allows fans multiple ways to receive custom in-venue mobile advertisements via QR codes, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, and Snapcodes. Fans hold their phone against, or scan, the tag mounted on the seat in front of them and are instantly viewing specific, targeted content and offers –it’s that simple. Tags can also be scanned within Snapchat for social media integration.


•The Digital Seat platform does not require users to download an app for use

•The Digital Seat platform works on both Apple and Android devices straight from the factory


A New Way To Learn


•Digital Seat™ uses data driven metrics to provide much greater ROI for venue sponsors

•Advertisers will no longer have to guess how many fans were exposed to their message

•Venue owners can now determine the advertising and in-venue purchasing value of each fan, seat, row, and section

•Venue owners can now understand the secondary ticket market and who is actually attending the event vs. who purchased the tickets


A New Way To Monetize


For sports and entertainment venues, Digital Seat™ tags are all programmed down to the seat level, so now brands can choose whether they want to advertise their message to one person, one section, or the entire stadium!

• Digital Seat™ is tapping into an new revenue stream for venue and team owners

•Data acquisition helps sponsors engage on a much more granular level with fans inside of their venue

•Remotely updatable advertising model allows greater efficiency, expanded partnership opportunities, reduced operating costs and greater reach for advertisers than traditional in-venue advertisements

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Real-Time Offers


The Digital Seat platform gives teams, venues and brands the ability to offer real-time updatable mobile wallet offers to both Apple and Android users, all without the need for an app.  Stop waiting for your customers to come to you; be engaging and send them real-time push and geo-fenced incentives about your brand! 

Real-Time Content


Real-Time content is what Digital Seat is all about. We offer clients the ability to update their content in real-time so that they can provide value to their customers on a 1 to 1 basis. Stop playing the one-size-fits-all game and give your users engaging content that will build brand loyalty.

Push The Limits


It is a proven fact that providing incentives in the right place at the right time leads to higher engagement. Recent releases from both Android and Apple allow brands to offer digital passes with geo-fencing and push notification capabilities. Reach your customer like never before with real-time targeted notifications.

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