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Digital Seat was created with teams and artists in mind. Each tag can be programmed to the individual seat level providing opportunities for a 1-on-1 relationship with fans.

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What Can Digital Seat Do?


At Digital Seat we certainly recognize that traditional mobile apps provide value to fans, but we also believe that apps are not always the answer for fan engagement inside of a sports venue, which is why our platform works with all major smartphones without the need to download a native app. Stop making your fans search through the endless app store in order to engage with your team on game day. Give your team and sponsors the ability to reach every fan, every game, every time with Digital Seat.

1 %
of US residents download one app or less per month
1 %
of US residents do not download a single app per month
1 %
of users spend all of their time between only 3 apps


Digital Seat allows venues, teams, and artists to generate sponsorship revenue off of an unused asset – the stadium seat – by turning it into a valuable asset. At Digital Seat, we believe the key to consumer engagement begins by enhancing the fan experience through the delivery of  relevant content to the right person, in the right place and at the right time.


Seeing your favorite team is all about the experience, but that experience should not be confined to fans inside of the venue. Digital Seat’s proprietary platform allows teams and brands to extend their reach beyond the venue through the use of social sharing and geolocational messaging. One scan of a Digital Seat tag allows you to offer real-time content pushes to your fans which can then be added to their mobile device home screen, added to their mobile wallet, or shared via social media. This functionality allows your message to go beyond the venue on game day by expanding your footprint and brand awareness as never done before.


The game day experience can be customized for each individual seat and fan with fresh content, updated in real time, multiple times per event. Data analytics powered by Digital Seat’s customized dashboards affords the ability to execute A/B testing and ensures that your best offer/content is being communicated to customers to optimize brand results and ROI.



Digital Seat has spent years designing, developing, and testing our smart tags in multiple environments. Our tags are weatherproof, not easily removable by fans and will not leave residue on seating surfaces. All of our tags contain a uniquely encoded NFC chip certified for Near Field Communication with mobile devices. Our tags can also be designed to appear as an OEM part of a seat or bench and are completely customizable to your team or venue.


The Digital Seat platform gives every fan inside the venue the ability to engage with your team and sponsors in real-time, regardless of their mobile phone brand and without having to download an app. Fan Portals are customized to deliver the content most relevant to fans to enhance their experience while inside of your venue. The Fan Portal can also be designed with sponsor revenue in mind, allowing seamless integration for brands in the environments most frequented by their customers.

Digital Seat Social

At Digital Seat we love being social, which is why our platform seamlessly integrates with all of the major social media platforms. Have content you want people to share? Great! We can offer social integration from within your custom fan portal. Digital Seat’s proprietary platform is able to offer a cross-platform experience that allows every user the ability to engage with their desired content. Our platform also uses extremely limited network resources so there is no “waiting to load” experience like with most native apps inside of a venue.


Digital Seat is the only fan engagement platform that provides real-time analytics feedback from users, which allows you and your sponsors to adjust content and offers at the time it matters the most. What good is “big data” if you can’t turn it into actionable information? At Digital Seat we give you meaningful and useful data about your campaign and users so that you know what works best. Now you can know who’s viewing your content, downloading your content, and if that content is being redeemed or shared via social media…all in real-time!


Venue sponsors are looking for new and creative ways to engage with their target audience now more than ever. The days of being limited to jumbotrons and posters are in the past, and real-time user data is the future. With Digital Seat, sponsors can provide customized content and offers down to the individual user and gauge the success of their campaigns in a completely new way. We empower your brand partners by providing analytical tools to ensure their content is relevant and achieves the desired impact. Allow your seats to generate additional revenue that will engage sponsors and fans for years to come with Digital Seat!